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Same shit, different day
It'd burn to the ground if I had my way
We're bad news and don't you forget it
Pizza Face is the King of demerits
We chew gum in class and wedgie the teacher
I kissed a girl under the bleachers
Our classmates all love us, all except one
Pickledick's out to ruin our fun

Are you aware it's already 10:30?
You reek of beer and look really dirty
Habitual offender, one course of action
Principal Teighnt will hear these infractions:
You missed assembly, science and math
Inappropriate writing on the brim of your hat
Porno mag and contraband patch
What do you have to say to that?


Oh, look who's back in front of my desk
I thought by now you'd give it a rest
You don't have to act like a brat
Take a hint from Hall Monitor Patt
You run this school? You're sadly mistaken
How about now when your freedom is taken?
Thought you'd get another detention?
Try in-school suspension

You're just pissed off that I farted on your lunch
You scarfed it down and you got the bubbleguts
You went to the nurse with a case of ring sting
You made her apply four ounces of butt cream
That barbeque we had in the parking lot
We stole your plate and gave you all the hot sauce
In the boy's locker room you vom'd out your brown mouth
We know your secret, Coach Jeff told us you stained the bowl



from Cafeteria Terrorists, released April 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Pizza Face Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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